Tuesday 24 January 2012

One Spoilt Cat who shouldn't get any more awards!!

You know I really love my cat, don't get me wrong, but if there is the cat equivalent of the hissy fit, then Austin does it. It's probably called a kissy fit. I've not had a huge experience with cats. I've only personally known about half a dozen in my entire life. But Austin is the only cat I've had who manages to do arms akimbo whilst stamping his paw and giving a verbal bashing all at the same time!

It's my own fault. I just give in to him. All he has to do is turn those big beautiful (alien) eyes on me and blink and I am like a ravaged dead mouse in his paws. The distressing scenes of spoilt cat throwing a tantrum usually takes place of an evening when I'm doing a bit of social networking. So I'm guessing he is jealous of my virtual life and wants to scupper my attempts at online badinage. I have written about this before - well let's face it I've written about most things before - but I'm hoping most of my readers are like me - forgetful!

Austin goes out of an evening to take the air (and anything else that takes his fancy) and when he is let in upstairs at about 9.30, he will know that I am sat sitting downstairs tapping the keys on the Mac and minding my own business. He will also know that I am needing reminding that it is time for the evening performance. This is what occurs (includes timescale):

a) Hark! I hear the gentle pitter patter of a herd of buffalo stampeding down the stairs as he rushes and hurls himself through my door (whether closed or not) going "me-NOW" "me-NOW" "me-NOW" all the way from top to bottom - 9 seconds

b) I trudge behind determined tuxie back upstairs while deftly avoiding ritual thwack of paw through bannisters by sliding along slowly and hugging the wall (don't make eye contact) - 1 min 34 seconds

c) I give all-over-top-to-tail B-R-U-S-H - 4 mins

d) There is some communal laser mayhem (which includes chair mutilation and curtain abseiling) - 3 mins

e) Austin administers some therapeutic claw shiatsu on a couple of thighs that already resemble the shower scene from Psycho - anything from 2 mins to 5 mins depending on the thigh owners pain threshold on the day

f) Human to cat neck scritch - 1 min 52 seconds

g) Cat on human drool puddle - total the time from c) to h) inclusive

h) Catnap on lap - for as long as thigh owner can stand it - infinity.

To cap it all I now have to tell Austin he is in receipt of two more awards!!!  Can life get any more fraught fun? I dread to think what he's going to say!
Look Austin, there's not a scintilla of a chance that a cuddle is coming your way, ok?

So, we have received from Teri at Curlz and Swurlz the Lief award. No that's not Leaf, meaning the green thing you get off a tree, but Lief as in Dutch for sweet :)) Yes Austin that means you, babe!

We have also received from Haopee (who else! :) the Versatile Blogger award for being … well …versatile! And apparently she's taken pity on me because I'm a statsaholic!
Thank you very much to both!

Now there are certain conditions attached to these awards, but do you know? I can't remember them? I did the seven things a while back now! I've done three things too, I think .. and ten things! Good heavens! There's nothing left to say! Anyway Austin's life is a closed book and mine is so uninteresting even I yawn when I hear what I am saying!  However there are many blogs I like and I'm just going to give a shout out to some:

The Lief Award goes to:
The award winners should pass on to three other sweet blogs :)

The Versatile Blogger Award goes to:
The award winners should say seven things about themselves and pass on to anything up to fifteen blogs. Yeah right!

If you have already received the award or are an award free blog, no worries :)

As for our hero, he's rather overcome!

Oooops! Got to rush, it's that time again …...


  1. Oh Austin
    You are a complete cat wrangler!
    But guess what?
    I have Mom wrapped around my paw too.

  2. The list is distressingly devoid of gustatory delights! Austin, you Human is deficient.
    But you knew that.

    An Award! hmmmm...must think of who to bestow it upon...

  3. What a wonderful timetable of your time with Austin - I can almost see the fur from his brushing drifting across my tiles floors, the writing was that vivid!!

    We thank you so much for awarding us "The Versatile Award" along with Cat Wisom 101 and The Meow Factor! We will try our best to honor that title by being bigger, better, and even more versatile!!

    As far as the seven things and fifteen blogs... Yeah Right indeed!! We are honored, but we must humbly pass on that!!

  4. It does sound like someone is a little spoiled, but he deserves it.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Oh thank COD, you didn't pass any of those awards to us. Austin, you are such a good boy. You are on our favorite list now. Did you know that your Mom is just a little nuts. but then so is ours, so we understand. Our Mom fell off her chair this evening laughing at your antics. Take care and have a good Wed.

  6. I love how well trained you are! And I am not talking Austin. LOL

  7. Austin, we are proud of the way you have your human wrapped around your paw!! And congrats on those awards!!

  8. Aunty Caro,
    Oh my.....he has you totally wrapped around his paws, eh? That's because Austin is an only child, I think. Try living in a household of seven.....anyway, Mama thinks she's not under our spell....we let her think that lest the treats are withheld. Gee....thanks for the award. Am I versatile? Am not sure of the seven things though....purrr....meow!

  9. Wow- you got TWO awards! Congratulations to you! (We'll leave Austin out of it, shall we, even though the blog is mostly about him?)

    We thank you for passing the Lief award on to us. We think you're pretty sweet, too!

  10. Ha...Ha..Ha..Mr. Poot...I do it too ! but I told mom to be very very quite ! because whatever human said I still think I totally do deserve some awards...tee...heh..heh

    Concats to you and Thanks so much to passed on to me..Yep ! I'm pretty sure I'm so sweet !!!!! fangs and claws ; )


  11. Oh my, I LOVE that last picture! So precious! :)

    Congratulations on two more awards, very much deserved. The brushing pic is also an absolute classic. I wish I could brush Nate like that, but he has cardiac arrest every time I try and I end up needing a sedative just trying to deal with his reaction to a simple brush.

  12. ConCats on the awards!!!!!!!
    I love the last picture!!!

  13. How can you possibly refer to Austin as "my cat"?

    Cats do not "belong" to Humans. The boot is entirely on the other paw! It is our Humans who belong to Us;-)

  14. Austin, is there a prize for most spoiled cat, because nominate you. Thanks so much for our Versatile Blogger award!

  15. Austin, my mom is as abjectly whipped as your mom is. We have the magic paw/claw/eyes/face/tail/soft body that turns our pawrents into a bowl of warm mush and always ready to do our bidding. Ah....


  16. Austin your mommy is so funny. I laughed alot at your post today.
    Austin be nice to your mommy.

  17. FaRADaY: *suspicious look* Austin is yer Mommy making FUN of you????

    Maxwell: me-NOW! *muffles laugh* that's TOTALLY Faraday!

  18. Austin, you had us at ALIEN eyes...your wish is our command!
    (PS: Congrats on the awards, don't shiatsu shower scene us, ok!)

  19. "ME-NOW, ME-NOW!!" PURRFECT!!!

    Ahhh an evening in the life of cats!!!

    Congratulations on your WELL-DESERVED awards!

  20. Congratulations on your numerous awards! And of COURSE you deserve more... but maybe some that included tuna.

  21. Congrats on the awards!

    Austin, I think that you just like to social network with your Mum! In lieu of that I still recommend a Twitter account or your own FB page! ;)

  22. Me too say´s me-NOW , me-NOW , me-NOW when my mom is trying to get some computer time :)
    ConCATulations to the two nice awards !

  23. Austin, I like your style. I'm going to take note of a few of your moves and incorporate them into my own repertoire.

    congrats on the awards!
    xo Katie

  24. I think you are pussy whipped, MOL. Yeah, I know that's not the original meaning of the phrase, but it still fits, no?? =^..^=

  25. If I would dare to take a brush in my hand, all cats would disappear in all directions, they hate it ! and especially on the belly !

  26. Nice one, Carol. Haha. I keep wondering who's life is more interesting, yours or Austin.

    That brushing thing seems to go on forever. What's wrong with the little kitty... no likey brushing?

    Well, whoever got the thigh thing, I share your pain. My dogs have done alot that the scars run deep ( that's figuratively speaking).

    Huggies and Cheese,



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