Sunday, 4 December 2011

That Awkward Moment ..........

..... when I call Austin to come for no good reason, or he thinks I've called him to come and I haven't and as he tends to come when called, he comes. And all I've been doing is whistling to myself and sucking my teeth. 

To explain. If you spend most nights hissing "Austin" outside the back door like I do, it does sound like you're trying to whistle through the gap between your two top central incisors. As the subconscious sibilant simulation is  quite therapeutic, I can catch Austin out on occasion just by whistling and sucking teeth in an inappropriate manner!

Anyway, he rushes up and says "Wot?" and I say "Oh, nothing!" Then of course we both feel a bit stupid and spend some time hurrumphing and clearing throats and not catching each other's eye. It's a bit embarrassing to say the least!


  1. Aunty Caro,
    From a cat's point of view, it would have been nice if Austin gets a cuddle, at least, when he comes. You know....that reassurance that he's being appreciated for his effort...just saying.... purrr....meow!

  2. That's pretty nice that he's so good about coming. I tend to ignore my peeps. What a handsome pose he strikes.

  3. I've been letting Gloman train me. When he calls, I come. Now all he has to do is snap and I come running. Hissing though, well that means I'm in trouble and have done something wrong. Again.

    Glogirly? I just ignore her.

    xo Katie

  4. When Jen says June Buggie's name in the middle of the night it's because he's usually up to no good.

  5. we usually ignore when we been called. except for the foodie bowl, we will volunteerily come..heheh...

    BoBo Salem
    Meow Meow Family

  6. Are you suppose to come when your 2-legged are calling your name ?? I totally have missed that ;-) Nice pictures on you Austin ! I hope youre mom gave you some treats !

  7. Angelina, do not worry. The reason why Austin (nearly) always comes is because there is usually a treat of some sort at the end :)

    Mario, I think he's learned a lot from you about poses x

    Katie you're lucky my dear, you don't have a S in your name, but you sure know which side your catnip is canoodling!

    m q that's the way to do it!!

    Kjelle, let you in on a secret, life is one big treat for Austin :)

  8. Rumpy, what I've read about June Buggy, it will be well deserved ;)

  9. We have a cat here that will come running when I whistle. She is hysterical. If I whistle for the dogs to come, here comes Mewmew too. It is great. So good boy Austin. You sure are a handsome boy. Take care.

  10. Austin, you and your mom have a good understanding if what is expected and how to handle it. Now me..I only come running when I hear the word "Brush"? or "Treat"?

  11. We all show up when Mommy whistles, we learned it from the older residents who learned it from the Angel Kitties who learned it from Mommy's dog Buddy...many years ago.

  12. We had a chuckle over the "hissing out the back door" from our own experience. The main thing is Austin is a good boy and comes when called.

  13. Carolyn - You have so perfectly captured the title of this post, The Awkward Moment, with your photos!! I am so in love with Austin and his cavilier attitude!! Hope all is well with you!! xoxoxo

  14. Austin, Your mom is cool ! She can do whistling, My mom and dad can't do it, but they can do " Shake ! Shake ! " you know ? ... Not shake the body but shake the box...tee..heh..heh..then I got the message, and then I will come later ; )
    Have a great week !

  15. Marg, Mewmewmust think he's a dog!!! lol

    Admiral, you are the oh so wise one!! xx

    Katnip guys, yep it's an education that's passed down the generations!

    Layla, well he mostly comes when called ;)

    Deb, Austin was really preening in those pics!! Yes we are fine thanks x

    Mr Poot, So lovely to see you, even though your mom wasn't allowing you out and about. You must have escaped ;>) Yeah we do the shake thing too :)

  16. No cuddle, hugs, caressing? No praise for coming?Yes, this is an akward moment!

  17. I do love how cats have that certain looks that says "I have places to be you know!"
    No amount of human business will ever be more important than sitting under a strangers car for an hour.

  18. Oh, that's hilarious.

    Austin: Whut???
    You: Oh nothing.
    Austin: Okay. I'm going to ignore you now.

    After a few minutes of Austin still staring...

    You: Could you quit staring at me?
    Austin: I can't, you're calling me again!

  19. Hi Paula, lol he cuddles when he wants to. I can't make him !
    Sarah, Isn't it great! They are so detached!

    haopee, hehehe so true. You hit the nail on the head :)

  20. I'm sure a treat would quickly dispel those awkward moments of silence when he comes even tho you didn't call him, MOL. Treats help everything! =^..^=

  21. It makes me laugh to think of you hissing Austin out on the porch.

    And these pics are some of my favorites yet. Austin looks so gorgeous!!

  22. The only way we come when we're called is if there is food involved!

  23. I think that's why he does come, actually. There is nearly always treats or food involved ..... except when there's not! lol

  24. Dear Austin,
    Humans are weird, don't you think?
    Warm regards,

  25. Austin what a Handsome mancat you are. You look so regal in your poses.
    I saw you guys over at the Blog Hop and thought I would drop by and meet you guys.
    Have a great weekend!

    Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper & Marley


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