Saturday, 17 December 2011

Haiku at Christmas

Cat sits patiently
with some holly on his head.
Such indignity!
This is Austin preparing for the festive fun.
As you can see, he is from the "Bah Humbug" school of Christmas cheer!

By the way we haven't seen Tigger for at least two weeks now and are getting quite concerned. For those who are not up to speed, Tigger is Austin's buddy and you can read about him on the "Meet the Gang" page. It's true we often don't see him at the house for several days, but it's never been this long! So we are wondering if he's moved away, or maybe (hopefully) his staff have just gone on holiday and have temporarily incarcerated him in a cattery or something!

Tigger, come back soon. We miss you :(
Austin is quite lonely. He's got no one to fight with, 
except Big Ginge from down the road and this beleaguered human!


  1. I'd be happy to offload the odd cat or two on you in the meanwhile...take your pick. Would you like one who sprays or one that is ornery?

    btw--I discovered your other blog--I was overwhelmed by your writing! I have some firm scientific nihilistic views, I want to read your posts when I haven't gotten up at 2 AM to work have a graveyard shift. To be continued...

  2. I hope Tigger returns soon! If a cat can't maintain a friendship I have no hope, haha!!!

    Still, Merry Christmas to you, Austin and the rest of the gang :D xx

  3. Austin and Holly Jolly certainly dont go hand in hand...
    I hope that nothing has happened to Tigger and he will return soon.
    Wishing you and yours a joyful X-mas.

  4. Austin, Now you look like a Christmas Tree : ) and I think you need ornaments !!!! May be mousy to hang...tee..heh..heh ( I'm kidding ! )

    Dude, I think you have Tigger like I have Mr. Smudge. But In general, I will go to see him. I guess May be now it's too cold for Mr. Tigger. But to be sure ! I purrs for him to be safe and sound and come to see you so soon !

    ((( Hugs ))))

  5. Katnip L, Errrr? I'll take ornery, thanks. Less smelly :)

    Sarah, So do we! Happy Christmas to you too

    Paula, thanks and ditto. lol

    Kjelle, thanks xox

    Definitely a mousy :) Mr P, Thanks for your kind purrs xox

  6. Austin, have you tried a little discreet howling into the vapors so that Tigger might hear you? Seriously, I hope he's alright and I'll be waiting to see if he is.

    Mom Carole

  7. I sure hope Tigger reappears soon. Life is no fun without a buddy to play-fight with!

  8. Glogirly STILL doesn't have her decorating done. There are hardly ANY whapping balls out this year. I'm feeling pretty Bah-Humbug myself! the holly. But relieved it's faux.

    xo Katie

  9. I hope Tigger is OK! We have two ferals we feed and when Major Tom doesn't show up first thing in the morning I worry too. Believe it or not, I am a dog that is concerned about kitties.

  10. Austin, that holly is terrific. Believe me, we hate this time of year too. We just take our decorations off.
    We sure hope Tigger comes home. Sometimes some of us go off for a little while. One kitty went off for three months and came home so don't give up on him. Take care.

  11. Talk about kissing under the holly, eh, Austin? We're purring that nothing untoward happen to Tigger and he'll show up soon. purrr...meow!

  12. Hope your friend turns up!

    Thanks for dropping by my party and for your friendship! It means the world to us! We plan on keeping up with our friends still and we love your blog, even if we don't always comment.

    Mom has a real soft spot for a Tuxie with a witty human.

  13. Austin - I will keep my comments about the holly to a minimum, as you probalby would prefer we not mention it... but, you do look quite dapper, actually!!

    Tigger, please come home soon. We are all getting worried and miss you very much!

  14. Austin, you are being so tolerant wearing that holly! We hope Tigger shows up soon!!

  15. I hope Tigger is okay and he returns soon.

    Austin looks so cute with his holly, even if he is being a Scrooge about wearing it! Merry Christmas to you and to Austin, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. :)

  16. Heavens to Murgatroyd! (Mommy sez that's from an old cartoon so it's okay to say it) You look, um, err... INTERESTING in that holly *muffles a snicker* No rilly! We thinks you should wear twigs in yer fur ALL THE TIME! (Aren't humans sooooo silly???)

  17. Two weeks is a long time. Perhaps Austin needs to go on a reconnaissance mission?

  18. Oh yes Austin, this haiku suits you purr-fectly! We so hope that Tigger is okay and that you two meet up again shortly. Will send purrs for Tigger.


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