Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Great Escape!

I think the whole world knows by now that Austin was missing for 13 hours this week!

Talk about overreacting! I was beside myself - which is actually very difficult to do in reality.  It all happened like this: Sitting comfortably?

For the benefit of non UK readers of this blog, I'd better explain the tradition of Guy Fawkes Night. Way back in 1605 some Catholic malcontents who were fed up with the Protestant King James I, decided to blow up Parliament in this thing called "The Gunpowder Plot".  You can read about it in Wiki, but that's about the crux of it.  Oh except they failed and were caught! Guy Fawkes was one of them and because he had the right name, it was decided that henceforth there would be celebrations in the form of fireworks and the ritual burning of an effigy on Guy Fawkes night. Spooky isn't it! You would think that Mr and Mrs Fawkes when coming to name their precious child, would twig that he might get up to no good at a later date! 

Anyway, being the peace loving, forgiving nation that we are, we have of course celebrated this avidly, religiously and with great gusto every year since, on November 5th.

However, the lame brain element within British society do seem to have a problem with dates i.e. successfully managing to organise a conflagration on a specific day is beyond them. This year November 5th came and went and November 6th arrived when one would think it was safe to let the cat out in the evening .... Well? No! Actually! Both Austin and I forgot. He went out at about 4.30 pm and before it got dark just before 5, all hell was let loose in a neighbour's garden. So much so that I, who had actually been in a war zone, thought we were being bombed! Of course, Austin, not being up on his history and politics, also thought we were being bombed and decided this was his opportunity to make a run for it. 

This was a rather silly thing to do, as the temperature that night went below freezing and even though he has a nice thick fur coat, I haven't, so it got a bit drafty trailing up and down the road in my winceyette clutching a flickering torch shouting "Here boy! Austin! Poo!". If nothing else the dog walkers and drunks passing by were highly amused!

To cut a long story shorter, he finally appeared the following morning at 6 with his fur all ruffed and a stary look in his eyes. Since then he's been doing his loaf impression a lot!

His bid for freedom was unwise, even if he does feel he was driven to it. It's cold out there! 

Austin's educational timetable now includes a couple of hours a week studying British history. Oh, and we've also agreed that he will no longer go outside at all between the months of October and December, just to be on the safe side!


  1. Glad he made it back. Our Tommy was MIA for about 18 hours last summer and mom was PANICKED!!!! Found him under the neighbors air conditioner. :)

  2. Oh Austin, all that noise must have been scary for sure! Thank goodness you are back safe and sound and are warming up your paws again! Perhaps you could study history from under a warm blankie or in front of a heater, with the occasional break for Num-Nums of course!

  3. You have to many firworks event !
    But I'm glad you made yourself safe and be back home !
    I think you are already know after you wnet back home, I'm out and back home 1 am. again. My mom have to walk too, but she didn't use the torch but flash box...MOL..she said find me and get photo in the same time...tee..heh
    But your story made my mom alert about Firework Season which is coming soon. now she got the idea to lock me in.
    Nothing like home , Austin

  4. That is too funny and I know it was not funny at the time because I have had cats go off and it is terrible But the description of you looking for him is hysterical. Glad you had sense to come back Austin. Bet you won't do that again for a little while anyway. Maybe you had your fill of a cold night.

  5. the most important thing is that Austin is home, safe and sound! Thank goodness!

  6. We're so happy Austin is home safe and sound! Being outside all night musta been a little scary!

  7. I enjoyed this so much I read it twice and laughed harder the second time! Kitties here are wondering if it's anything like our summer evenings in America where our neighbors celebrate Independence Day any time they get their hands on a few illegal firecrackers? Patriotic lot they are.

    We're darned glad Austin is home, and can't wait to hear the details. Those are for cats' ears only.

  8. Oh Austin... such a fright! While we find organized fireworks over the lovely horizon of the Atlantic ocean to be magical, the one's that the neighborhood pyrotechno's get their hands on... not so much! Because the weather is so warm in Florida, we find that there is endless cause for dangerous celebration!! Glad you are okay Austin, and I agree with everyone else, what a wonderfully written post!!

  9. Thanks everyone :) I guess the lesson to be learnt is always be aware !!!

  10. We were very worried and so relived all is well. Now that the clocks are back an hour with shorter days, we get everyone inside way before dark.

  11. OMC !
    I´m soo glad that you find your way home again Austin !!!

  12. Austin, my mom would be beside herself too though that IS anatomically quite difficult is not impossible. When we get out and in the darl and cold it is an alarming thing. You poor baby. I'm SO sorry you were frightened like that dear little one. xoxoxoxoxo

  13. I'm so glad he turned up safely. As a kid I loved fireworks, its only as an adult that I realize how bad they can be. The problem, as far as I can see, is that the fireworks are getting more powerful. Companies are making rockets for home use that sound like something from a war zone! And these are freely available to buy. I don't mind a few whistles and bangs, but some people seem to be getting their hands on industrial strength explosives!!


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