Sunday 14 June 2009

There's always a cat!

Yep even in the bowels of Jerusalem I managed to find a feline f(r)iend.
On the right we have a pair of spectacles. On the left we have the institute cat. Named Facile, she was fed and tickled and spoilt until eventually she got far too big for her boots, literally. She was a sweet thing, but quite nervous, especially of giant animated spectacles that tried to cuddle her!

Thinking back I believe those specs were excavated on an archaeological dig at Beit She'an and
were subsequently renovated, classified, tagged and exhibited in the British Museum in London - in the prehistory section. They needed a whole room just for themselves.


  1. Those spectacle gags had me PMSL!

    Nice one you :-)

    Sorry that I've not commented on all the posts, I'm quite unwell at the moment, got a nasty cold, and so I'm not exactly feeling up to typing loads :(

    Love to all!


  2. Awwww you sound run out after all the "Zams". Hope you're better soon xx

  3. I found a pair like that in my nan's drawer.
    Maybe we two could bring them back into fashion?
    Actually...were they ever in?

  4. No they never were! Can't believe I was ever that young looking!

  5. I believe I have seen (and worn) a similar size lens!


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