Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tale of a Tail!

Have you ever tried to measure a cat's tail? Just wondered. I've always been very impressed by young Austin's magnificent rear appendage. It is the bit you notice first when he approaches, especially when it's raised in greeting. Having Tigger the Tabby around here a lot of the time, it has made it all the more obvious how long and luxurious it is. Tigger's is a stunted specimen in comparison - although I would never say that to his face for fear of hurting his feelings!

Being a bit at a loose end and with nothing better to do I set about trying to measure Austin's hindmost part.

So there you have it! Best I could ascertain, given the prevailing conditions, is that it is somewhere between 11 and 12 inches. By comparison, Tigger's, using a mathmatical pro-rata type equation thingy, must be about 9 inches and a bit on the puny side. Given the relationship between the two - close, but with Austin in the ascendancy (even though he is smaller and lacking accoutrements) - I would suggest that it is the length and breadth of the tail that determines who is top cat in the pack. Using the same analogy, I would hazzard a guess that Big Ginge's tail is about two foot long, even though I cannot get anywhere near it.


  1. I always thought his tail was extra!

    I think Big Ginge has a pea size brain, so just thinks his tail is enormous.

    Bruv xx

  2. Lol @ the picture of the measure wrapped around his tail!

    Epic win as always Arnty.

    Thanks for coming and supporting the band on Sunday. 'twas lovely to see you both, dispite the fleetingness!

    Love to all. Cya soon,



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