Monday, 7 April 2014

Language and Friendship (reblog from 2011)

subtitled The Mad Ramblings of an Elderly Nutter The Cogent Thoughts of a Wise Old Sage.

This is a post I originally published in May 2011 when I had about two and a half readers and as I have now been absent without leave for a week or three (we are fine, just tired. Thank you so much to all those who have been in touch:) I thought this wordy digression might keep folk amused for a second or two. Austin and I hope to be blogging, visiting and commenting again very soon xxx

The hiatus while Blogger was thowing a hissy fit caused me to have a thunk about how we (the cyber generation) have come to rely on the internet in nearly every area of our lives, but especially when it comes to friendship.

Actually I should admit here that I am from the pre-cyber generation, but trying hard to be hip and cool and up with the tekky stuff. When I was young there were just two channels on the telly, which my dad had constructed out of several valves and a cathode ray tube. The screen was tiny - about the size of an iPad but the box it was in, was huge.

As children we played out all day with the other kids in the street. We didn't go home unless we were bleeding really badly. We devised all kinds of games and scams; we were best friends and worst enemies. We went to school together and some of us even went to church together. We did facetime for real. To us the word "virtual" meant "not actually, but nearly".

What about now?

Well, you can be bosom buddies with someone the other side of the world you've never met and never likely to meet - other than in their "not actual" persona. You spend all your leisure time looking at a screen that varies in size from 3" x 4" to 3' x 4'. You talk and write in something called txtspk. IMHO ASAIC it's OMDB. It doesn't WFM, but RBTL WC it's WF TM. Living life in acronyms with "nearly" people..... YSW. Nuff!

So we gather in these "not actually, but nearly" communities which are based on shared interests rather than geographical location. It is global not local. It is virtual, but none the less it is the new reality. And when you get fed up with talking to pixelled faces on a time lag or txtng into the ether, you just press a button and they are no more.

So with the advent of txtspk and the community now global, deconstructed language and reconstructed friendships now inform the world in which we live.

What next do you think? Gruntspeak? It won't be long before the "now" generation will be speaking fluent troglodyte. And then before you know it, thinking will become the universal language. No need to translate as what you think will automatically transmitted through the airwaves and understood by osmosis. It's a terrifying prospect! The thought police will become a living reality and the voicebox will become unnecessary.

Yep, there is a seismic shift in the concept of friendship and the use of language, but maybe it's not all bad when you realise that the term "keeping in touch" now has a whole new exciting dimension to it. Horizons are broadened when the world can now be streamed into your bedroom through your laptop, iPhone or iPad..... and very soon it will just be a chip in your brain. Better there than on your shoulder?

The Art of Communication. My favourite clip from YouTube from the talking cats series.

What was I saying about a rambling nutter?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Just to say .....

....... we haven't been around the blogosphere very much the last week or so. This is mainly because of a human family member being unwell. Hopefully we will be back soon, but meanwhile here I am getting the easy on in my fluffy chair, which apparently used to belong to The Staff about elebenty gazillion years ago!!! It now belongs to me, of course!!!


flabbergasted - to be greatly surprised at how much weight one's gained


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Turf wars!

Have a good look. How many kitties can you see?

Don't cheat ;)

I said don't cheat ;)

Did you find us? Be honest!

Tigger is staging a military coup to take over my land, so as he is humongous and I am not, I have retired to a neutral territory to have a think about tactics!

Ed's note: Judging by the caterwauling coming from the other side of the fence a little bit later, the one attempting the coup d'etat was meeting with some strong resistance from the one considering tactics. Apparently there is no territory that is neutral in the Great Cat War of 2014!


I have another award, though it is one I have received before, but it is none-the-less treasured. It is from Kitties Blue!

Thank you very much to Mom Janet and Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo - I had to copy and paste their names as I know I would have forgotten one!! I think I am supposed to pass on to ten other blogs, but I do believe absolutely everyone has had it, probably several times! But there is one kitty to which I would like to give a special mention and that is Pasha

He is fighting a very big battle with his health at the moment and so I want to pass this award on to him to encourage him and his mom and to show we are thinking of him. He is a sunshine boy for sure. Please go over if you can and spread the love xx 


tactic - a small hard mint for dyslexics 


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Terror Firmer!

After the eventful trip to the moon I was so very glad to be back on the terrestrials that I indulged in an orgy of grass chewing.
slurpy slurp slurp!
munchy munch munch!
Oh! What's this?
Ewwwww! I think I've eaten a slug!!


So moving on! My old buddy Nerrisa gave me an award!! It is the Most Influential Blogger Award!!!! 

I am not sure I totally agree with him on this, but it was jolly nice to receive it. In honour of this award and because he is hosting a limerick month event for St Patrick's day on facebook, I have put together a few lines. Ahem!

A kitty while cleaning his paw,
Accidentally punched his own jaw.
It hurt him like jip
So he sniffed up some nip,
And ended up hitting the floor! 

Thank you Nissy :)) Happily as the rules of the award have been lost in the mists of the blogosphere, I feel I can make some up. So on the spur of the moment after considerable thought, I have decided to pass it on a few carefully selected blogs that I've picked at random.  

All the kitties at The Cat on my Head for just being themselves
Molly the Wally for making me laugh so much with her mini-me adventures
Pawsitively Pets for covering a wide range of pet related topics
da Tabbies of Trout Town for being ever so slightly eccentric .. and out of left field (I think that's what the Americans say!) :)
Miss Nylablue just for staying around so I could get to know her a little bit x

Actually I woulda/coulda/shoulda pick everybuddy as you all have influenced me, though some would say not necessarily for the good hehe!


limerick = Limey + Rick - slang for a British person called Richard


Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Return of Tigger the Tabby

It's what is commonly called a "back-off"

Tigger has been absent most of the winter, but this week he returned and it was nice to see him ... sort of! Sadly, because of "The Great Storm of 2014" his entrance into the hideaway in the shed summerhouse has had to be sealed up as the catflap blew away.

If you look very carefully you can see a Tigger shaped face impression on the tape. Hehehehe! As you can see I am busy putting my stinks around to keep Tigger unwanted visitors away!

Here is His Royal Massiveness enjoying the sun
Yep! We have had sightings of that reclusive yellow orb this week too :)

Talking of orbs, my trip to the one that is allegedly made of green cheese (total fallacy BTW)
was a great success thanks to all the hard work put in by the amazing Sammy and his mom, Pam
Thank you Sam and Pam for making it all so much fun! xx

Happy Sunday everyone xx


allege - a narrow horizontal surface projecting from a wall, cliff, or other surface


Friday, 28 February 2014

Mooning around!

To catch up with the moon story so far you need to go visit Sammy here

So here I am with my sweet Sassy Silvervine in our suite at the Moon Hotel. She came along as excess baggage support for me on this intrepid adventure and she prettied up our room while I was busy doing intergalactic stuff. Wasn't that sweet!

Here I am trying to find the bathroom!
I find that having the laser eye option switched on is helpful in such circumstances. It keeps one's electron flux stabilised and nebula emissions under control!

While I was engaged in these rather mundane pursuits, over in the Starlight Lounge there was an awards ceremony taking place with all my astronaut buddies in attendance.  AND it appears that while I was absent, Miss Sassy and I received an award!

YAY! Thanks to all Miss Sassy's hard work, we were voted Best Decorated Hotel Room by the acatemy! My five hour long speech of acceptance can be found over at Sammy's. So please go over and join in the fun and celebrations and see what else we are all getting up to.

PeeEss from The Staff. Thank you everyone for your purrs and good wishes. Austin is back to his usual chirpy self today. We are doing the happy dance around the moon :) 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

What a trip......!

...... in more ways than one! After my eventful outing to the vet the other day, I was feeling a bit rough to be honest. In fact yesterday I was feeling decidedly bleeaaaggghhhhh!

This is me feeling bleeaaaggghhhh on mum's lap last evening (She's called mum when I am sick and in need of TLC).  I couldn't move very well and jump up like I usually do and was crying. In fact I was being a right crybaby. Mum was worried, so much so that she rang the vet, and then asked some of her my blogging friends what it could be? The vet said it was not uncommon reaction to the annual shot and her my blogging friends were extremely helpful and supportive and, in fact, mum learnt some stuff she didn't know. So thank you everyone x :)

Well, after a quiet night in my own compact and bijou residence I went outside to carry out some important business in the shrubbery and jumped (yes JUMPED) up on to the window sill to be let back in again! While I am going to milk this for all its worth not out of the woods yet, it has been agreed that I can join in Sammy's much heralded trip to the moon, which I am glad about as I went to a lot of trouble to get my old space suit renovated!

And here we all are :)

To be continued