Saturday, 20 August 2016

CATachresis Films presents "Let them eat cake!"

After a very long delay, mainly because of the star's hissy fits and ongoing studio and union disputes,  CATachresis Films can now present its new soon-to-be award winning blockbuster film for you, the viewing public to enjoy in glorious technicolour and dolby surround sound!

The cake somehow managed to big up its part and walk off the plate!! 
Austin says it was definitely a case of overacting!
NUCAT is involved and egos and furs are being stroked!

(Movie made in iMovie and still photo effect done in PicMonkey)

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Studio Portrait Sunday Selfie!

Actually, we don't have a studio, so it's a conservatory portrait with a frame and everything! I am looking arrestingly aristoCATic and noble, don't you think!  Well a kitty can dream, eh! MOL
Please don't forget to check out the latest (and very exciting *yawn*) edition of The Towers Times. Also you can read previous editions if you go here! :-)

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portrait - a) the frequency at which one drinks fortified wine
b) the charge for a boat entering port

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Towers Times Issue #7 .... at last!

One year on, here it is! Issue #7 of the award winning publication, The Towers Times

To make it larger hover and click on the pop-out top right corner or go here
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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sunday Selfie ... and I've been Immortalised!!

Well, I'm here to say that the fountain saga will probably run and run (geddit?! MOL) But The Staff has noted a significant lowering of the water level which can't just be put down to evaporation! I'm saying no more *taps nose and winks*!

Moving swiftly on! We are back for the Sunday Selfie blog hop! YAY! .......... OK, enough already with the cheering and shouting! Here is my offering:

I think I look kind of regal and imperious!!  I've been framed and everything!

Talking about being framed! 

I've been immortalised by Nellie!!!
Ok, so Nellie told her Mum, Barb, exactly where to draw the line MOL!
 She is very talented, don't you think!!

It was such a lovely surprise to receive this gorgeous painting in the post and Mum and I think it is spiffing! We are going to get it framed proper - not just photoshop MOL

Thank you so much, Nellie and Barb. We LOVE it! xxx

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Friday, 5 August 2016

You can lead a cat to water ......... Yeah, right!

The Staff went and bought me a fountain!
Of her taste, there is no accountin'!
She filled it with water!
And she shouldn't have oughta!
I ran over the wall and was rantin'!



Here's the sorry saga so far in more detail with pictures and everything!

The Staff here: In the ongoing battle to get Austin to drink healthily, I purchased at great expense (£10 off in "Pets at Home":-) a water fountain that is practically silent! There was a bit of a palaver getting it constructed as the instructions appeared to be in every language but English (Brexit notwithstanding!). Luckily I speak fluent Double Dutch, so all was not lost!

At first Austin was eager to get going!

Some time later, however...

So there you have it! The lovely clean water fountain stays untouched and unsullied by kitty lips, while said kitty nips over the wall to drink from next door's broken gutter! On the upside, Austin is feeling loads better and is getting used to his adjusted diet! :-)

Monday, 25 July 2016

Update on Austin's Insistitis and a request for purrs!

First of all I want to thank everyone who went to the trouble to comment, message and email after the last blog post about Austin's "little trouble".

For a nine year old in/out cat he has been very healthy, except for his stomatitis, which is thankfully under control.

Since his visit to the vet where he received antibiotic and anti-inflammatory shots, he has certainly improved and has had decent pees in his litter box, though as he mostly does his business outside, I can't supervise his every bathroom visit!

I have cut out kibble to only a few treats at night and have started to introduce gravy based wet food which is NOT FISH! He actually ate beef for the first time and chicken and liver! I have to say it's a bit of a miracle after years of turning his delicate nose up to anything non fish based....... unless it is fresh cooked organic chicken breast served on a silver salver! 

I am thinking about introducing a water fountain, but as he runs a mile from fast moving and out of control liquid I am having doubts still!

Anyway, thanks for all the purrs and advice. Austin and I appreciate it and you all very much.

We would like to ask for purrs for a very special friend, Moses the Studio Cat, who resides over at Lily Pad Quilting Blog. He is a very sick kitty and we know he and his family would really appreciate support. You can click on the link or his picture below.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

I've got Insistitis!

I insist that I am let in and out and in and out and in ......

The Staff here: And it seems there was a very good reason for Austin's urgent in/out requests over the last couple of days! Many of you will know that he prefers to do his private business in the great outdoors despite having all mod-cons and an en suite inside entirely for his comfort.

However, unusual activity around the litter box made it clear that he was having trouble in the bathroom department, so I bundled him in the PTU and rushed to the vet and yes, it seems he does have cystitis. The vet gave him an antibiotic shot and anti-inflammatory shot and said he should feel better in 24 hours. He didn't say anything else!

Here's the sweet boy last evening!

I made the mistake of googling feline cystitis and found that it can be a lot more serious in male cats than female! Stuff about crystals and lower UTIs has now made me sweat a bit, so any advice would be very much appreciated! Do I need to change his diet? He is such a very picky eater and only seems to want to eat fish based soft food and I do give him posh kibble (Royal Canin) but have cut that out for a few days. As far as I can tell there is no blood in his urine.

I know many of you have dealt with this in your kitties, so I will welcome any input! And some purrs would be so much appreciated!

Austin has not been blogging or visiting his buddies for quite a while much to his disgust and of course he blames me!! Fair dos! But I have to admit to being sometimes totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of lovely cat (and dog) blogs there are now and also how involved so many are in events, promotions, giveaways, branding etc (and Blogpaws!). Also we have been blogging since March 2008, so inevitably there comes a point where new ideas for posts dry up. We do hope to be back as I know Austin misses everyone :-)