Thursday, 9 July 2015

In which Austin is a Rodeo Clown!!!!

MOLMOL Please gallop over to Madi and Mom who are hosting the Rodeo Clown event. You can click on my picture above and go and check out all the other crazy clowns! In fact there's a lot of crazypants stuff going on! Meanwhile it looks like I've been canned!! Thanks for all the hard work doing the graphics and putting this event together, Madi and Mom xox


The Staff aka TAT here. Just to say that Austin and I are taking a break from blogging. But I know he would like to keep up with all his buddies and pals, so he will be popping up on instagram and facebook with some silly and cute pictures - links in the sidebar. They are a lot easier to use from ipad and phone. Thanks xxx


Monday, 29 June 2015

When is a Tigger not a Tigger?

Ah Ha! I shall tell you. Come closer!

Here's the fellow we are talking about back in 2008!

For those who don't know, Tigger (as we call him) is our everyday visitor. He doesn't officially have residence here.  As I said Austin first brought him home in early 2008. He was such a little chap, as was Austin, so we thought they were about the same age! We had no idea where he came from! Austin actually brought him into the house and said something like "Hey! This dood needs chow, now. He's, like, starving and everything!" 

And here is Tigger today making himself at home still!



It appears that is his name AND he lives over the hedge at the back of our garden in a house where there are also two dogs!!!!! No wonder he prefers our place and no wonder Austin took pity on him and allowed him to doss down in the summerhouse and munch on the odd bit of stale kibble! He even lets him in the house! For a cat who singularly lacks the milk of kitty kindness when it comes to other cats, I think that is pretty spiffing of him!

As long as he continues to visit here, we will call him Tigger because that's what he's used to after  seven years!


I know I have not been around the blogosphere much the last week or so, please forgive lack of visits and comments and blog posts. I hope to get my mojo back soon, but also I need to lesson my virtual footprint for a bit. Austin still has a presence on Facebook and he's enjoying Instagram. Please join him if you would like. Just click on the relevant buttons on the side bar at the top of the page :)


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday Selfie with Tuxietude!

Here I am showing an unseemly amount of floof and tuxie belleh whilst grappling with (and subduing) a vishus blade of dead grass!

Please join us as we join The Cat on my Head who are hosting this Sunday Selfie blog hop. Click on the badge below :)


carpal - a friend who shares or rides a car with you


Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Bit Sketchy - Caturday Art

The Staff's gone a bit arty and used to make this. She used the sketch option and added a funky frame! It's not clever as all she did was a couple of clicks, but she hopes that some folk will be taken in  by it and say "wow" or something!

We are again joining Athena and Marie in their Caturday Art blog hop. Please click on the badge below to see other submissions.

Please excuse me as I haven't visited many blogs in the last few days, but The Staff aka The Affiliate Typist aka The Wimp has not been feeling very chipper and I have had my work cut out being supportive and helpful and stuff!


chipper - cheerful and lively


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

In which we have an intruder!

So there we were, Tigger and me, enjoying our Sunday afternoon Easy in the summerhouse with the Staff aka TheAffiliateTypist and all of a sudden the StaffakaTAT murmured something and slowly hauled her ageing bod up from her lowly seat! 

As she is now tugging urgently at my whiskers, I shall have to hand over to her for the rest of the story!

Psssst! Come closer! It was a lovely sunny afternoon. The birds were singing, the dogs were barking, the lawn mowers were mowing, the kids were screaming, almost drowning out the sound of the jet fighters from RAF Valley roaring overhead. In fact it was a typical summer's day. I looked up from my book and smiled to myself as I glanced at Austin on one chair and Tigger on the other with me perched precariously on the poof reading my kindle!

The word "idyllic" came to mind. During a lull, as my gaze drifted over the bucolic scene outside, it was suddenly transfixed! "Hello" I said. "Where have you come from?"

(apologies as I had to slightly overexpose the pictures)

She (for I am sure it was a she) was walking towards me while I was talking gently to her. We were connecting, I just felt it!

And then, I heard Austin behind me meowing his displeasure that I'd moved outside without his permission. But he hadn't seen her as he wound himself around my legs trying to herd me back inside.  I said "Austin, do you not want to invite our guest in for a ....... UH OH!"

He'd seen her! He suddenly morphed from a loving gentle floofy kitty into a mean and mighty hunter and protector all bristling whiskers and bottle brush tail!

"Austin" I said feebly. "Don't ......... "

It was too late! A blood-curdling scream that was Stephen King meets Edvard Munch filled the air as Austin hurled himself at the Siamese. At this terrible sound, Tigger (and probably half the village) woke up! He stumbled outside and heaved his bulk onto the wall. "Errrr, Um ....?"

The earth tilted on its axis and the anticlimactic aftershock was felt as far away as Llandudno! The Siamese cocked her snook and pitter patted away!

The boys live to nap another day. I do hope the little Siamese comes back, though!


idyllic - the lick that is ideal