Thursday 13 November 2014

A poem of apology .... sort of!

I know that I've not been around.
It might appear I've gone to ground.
I blame the peep, she is no good,
Not even there to give me food! (HUH?) 
What can I do to rectify 
The situation .. my oh my? 

To me the problem's very clear, 
Her heart's not in it now, I fear! 
We need to talk, there is no doubt, 
And one of us will get a clout! 
It won't be me, I know for sure, 
As I’m the one with sharpened claw! 

The moral of this story is ..
Don't play around with Austin's biz.
Keep blogging on, no matter what,
Pretend you are a polyglot.
Together we will conquer this
If no one tries to take the ...... mickey!

The End


polyglot - a parrot who can take the mickey in several languages



  1. How we have missed you Austin. Great ode to blogging my friend. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Bipeds have strange priorities, Austin!

    I'd like to meet that parrot - I'm sure we'd have a laugh!

  3. Austin, you must keep the peep in line! We miss seeing you otherwise. Great poem by the way.

    You look wonderful in this black and white photo. Could it be because you yourself are black and white? Well, you always look good no matter what. Love the whiskers!

  4. Yup, it is time for more training for that peep of yours. She needs to get with the program and get to blogging. We miss that Austin. Take care.

  5. Hi Austin !
    Nice to see you again :)

    My staff is rather hopeless too , so you don´t have to feel bad about your´s ;-)


  6. Finally! A blog we don't have to worry that we've not been commenting on! I am SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED that anykitty at all even visits me these days. My Human's been posting for me (well, sort of, but helping me comment? Ha ha ha ha ha--not even CLOSE!) Good to know I don't have the only substandard model.

  7. Great poem Austin! Hope you can get your human sorted out.

  8. Austin, totally understand the heart not in it part. I have missed you too but I can't bug Staff because I am guilty of not posting. I do get to see you and staff other places so that helps lots! Love that picture Austin.. Staff done good with that click!

  9. We bet that apology will be accepted
    Lily & Edward

  10. Hey Austin, we love your poem so much. Can we borrow it? Mamma's so off the game lately!

  11. That's a great poem Austin - susinct and puts her in her place, haha.
    Dip and Elliot x

  12. Austin we are always glad to see you whenever you post!

  13. Austin, while I'm bummed you have not been around, I loved the poem your absence inspired!

  14. Sweet Austin, I have that same problem Mumsy has been doing all other stuff and not posting for me at all. Us kitties with typist who claim they have more important things to do other than blog need to get together and think of something to change the situation. In the mean time get lots of naps and I hope somebody feeds you. Hugs and nose kisses. Pooh

  15. Well we sure do enjoy it when a new post pops in from you pal!!!

  16. Glad to hear from you, Austin!
    "If no one tries to take the ...... mickey!" Hope you're not talking about our Mickey Mouser!!!

  17. we wuz gonna look up de werd polyglot coz we dinna noe what it meened....then we saw what ewe rited a bout what it meened....

    skip de fact we noe english AND trout

    we still due knot want poly glot, ore polly wantz a cracker... sew noe thanx ♥

  18. Austin, if you find the magic potion to get humans to cooperate, will you share it? Ours has been SORELY lacking on the commenting end of things. WORK? Pah, a weak excuse.

  19. What a great poem! Especially the line about the sharp claw. TW keeps threatening to keep a blog-cation but I rule with an iron paw.

  20. Oh Austin yous vewy clever. :) Weez just busy wiff Scouts wight?. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  21. BOL, nice to see you back. Tell the human I am giving her the stinky eye on your behalf!!

  22. Austin, Austin, buddy and friend
    We sure don't want your blog to end....
    You must get tough on Mom you see
    Or maybe plead on bended knee?
    I miss you when you aren't around
    What has been lost MUST be found,
    So tell your Mom to concentrate
    We need for her to cooperate
    So glad to hear from you today

    Your Pal Sammy (with hugs)

  23. What is the matter with your human Austin she should be grovelling to you for letting you down. Now's the time to take her in paw make her see sense.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  24. Don't feel bad my friend. MomKatt hasn't been "in the mood" either. With DadKatt's accident and just not feeling "writer-y" ... it's all a bit messy here. But we miss you & are glad to see you whenever you come around!


  25. Austin, we feel your pain. In fact, our staff/mom has been away ALLTHE TIME, and not blogging for us. We are feeling very neglected. Mom has promised to catch up later in December when she finishes her current project.
    We are always glad to hear from you.

  26. Mom's can be very disappointing sometimes but we have to keep them around (they have the thumbs). We are always happy to see a new post from you and we hope you continue blogging for a long time.

    The Florida Furkids

  27. Hiya, Austin!
    You're the best feline poet around! you just have to keep the staff in line. I know... it's SO hard to find good help.
    ; )

  28. Now Austin, *I* of all kitties know how it is!!

    Next time I will ID that Tuxie. I should have known it was you. xoxox

  29. KonaKitty for one was all ready to go medieval on Staff's behind...

  30. Hi Austin!
    Mes feels your pain. If it was not for Mommy needing to "hone" her photoshops skills, mes don't think mes would gets any posts out of her at all.

  31. Your poem was purrfect as was Sammy's. Purrlease stay around. We would miss you so, so much if you disappear from the Blogosphere. You have been such a good furiend, and we really don't want our relationship to end. Mom knew when she saw polyglot in your poem that would be the word defined. We'd really miss the definitions as well. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  32. We do miss you Austin. Tell Mom to just post some Pictures of you, that is quite enough since you are so photogenic!

  33. Always miss seeing you Austin, but I can't get my staff to help me keep up with the visitin' I don't get'd think staff could figure there is a connection

  34. Austin, some times life is like know the flow and ebb of it and all that jazz. We love to hear from you when you and your human are able to find a moment here or there. Everyone understands how life can get in the way of posting and commenting.Some thing, no matter how sparse , is always better than nothing. And we would miss you if it was nothing! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo


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