Sunday, 13 January 2013

Austin is in the building!

There's nothing much in the paper today!

Oh well! Some all-over-body newsprint cologne won't go amiss!

Hi everyone, Austin here! We have been absent in recent days due to the fact that my human grandma has not been well and the staff has been somewhat diverted. The upside to this is that my human uncle has been staying over and that means more attention and scritches. Truth be told, I love him being here as it means I am not the token male in the house and we can hang and do blokie stuff together and also his voice isn't so screechy.

Housekeeping stuff - Because we were getting so much spam the Staff has turned off anonymous and name/url options for comments. If that is a problem, please mail us and we will restore the options.  Also, as an iPad user, those blogs we visit that have comments embedded below the post rather than open in a separate window, are difficult to type into, as for some reason the screen usually freezes. Mostly we have to type the comment elsewhere and copy and paste. It's a hassle. Anyway, just saying if we don't always comment, as there are so many lovely blogs to visit, we have to be a bit infrequent with our commenting, especially at the moment.

My toofs - The procedure which I had at the v-e-t-s the other week hasn't really worked, so I have to go back in February for another consult!!! Because of this looming appointment with doom I am planning a trip to Catmandu about that time, so the Catmandon't stick his 'orrible digits in my mouth anymore hehehe!

Sesquipedalian - someone who comes from Sesquipedalia and is a bit longwinded 


  1. Oh dear buddy. Are you having toothie problems? Dat's not good. Hope things go better for you this time around.

  2. purrs to your grandma, but have some fun with your uncle...

    we are havin' some tooth problems over here too and Tim says he may have to ask if you would like a traveling companion.

  3. Oh Austin... sorry the human grandma isn't feeling well. And sorry to heat you're going to have another date with the Catmandon't.

    We're on an iPhone now and definitely feel your comment pain! We don't mind it at all that you don't allow anonymous comments...we had to do the same. But we will make sure to set our comments to open in a separate window. Thx for the tip !

    It's do nice to see you again. ...but if you do any more hard words of the day, we're going to need Dom pronunciation help!

    Waffles Too is a little slow you know.

    XO, Katie

  4. Austin, we understand. We've some of the same commenting issues. Hope the VET visit is easy and grandma feels better.

  5. It's nice to see you again, Austin! I hope your grandma gets better soon. Bummer that you have to go back to the vet about your teeth AGAIN! :-(

  6. We had to turn off our Anon option, too, Austin.

    Here's 13 huge purrs for your Grandma, and tails UP for blokie stuff (from the boyz).

    Toof problems are awful and we hope you can bite the vet--we hear bluds cure most anything!

  7. WEll that stinks about the toothie problem. Hope the second visit works this time.
    We also send many purrs to the Grandmother and hope that she feels better really soon.
    Ok, now that long word you have a the bottom. Can you pronounce that word Austin?? That is a long one so we understand that those people are long winded. Our Person is laughing out loud. Take care especially of those tooths.

  8. We hope that everyone gets to feeling better soon!

  9. We hope Grandma is OK..You will come to the ball, youz one of mez oldest furiends.. If youz want any photo shopping done or a partner, I willz find youz one. You cannot miss diz big event my pal :) xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  10. I had no idea newspapers contained cologne. I'm gonna check that out, for sure. Bet it smells way better than the stinky stuff my peep #1 wears. Icky.

    Sure do hope your grandma feels better soon. I'm sending along some purrs for her.


  11. Sending purrs to your Grandma and to you for your toof. I hope it's not painful.

  12. Austin, when mommy uses HER iPad it freezes too with some comment blocks. Mommy thought it was just HER.

    Sweetheart, what else will he do with your toofs?

    I hope your gramdmother is all better soon. Mom said she knows what those times are like as do many of our humans.

    I have missed you very much. xox

  13. We hope she gets better soon. Hey if you have that problem with commenting on my blog, send me an email to let me know. Thanks!
    I don't envy you and that vet visit buddy! Your uncle sounds great!
    Miss Kitty

  14. I do the same thing with my newspaper:)

  15. Austin, I'm sorry 'bout your Gramma and hope you can find a way to avoid the dreaded v-e-t. About the comments, I didn't like the comment not in a pop up window so I changed them. I don't know what's going on with the remote version of the blog. The format was changed on me so you'll have to let me know if it's OK.

  16. Austin! Mes happy to see yous! Yous looks marvelous darling. Me is glad yous been enjoying your time off, and Wes hopes your Grand Mommy is doing better.
    Kisses dear furrend

  17. Austin,
    Yeah, I think I'm going to do same setting as you too ! Too many crappy spam.
    And Buddy, I send Mega purrs to you and your grandma. I hope it's over and you and grandma feel better so soon. I have to go back to VET too cause my pawrents took me to annual vaccination late ! see what I have to put up !
    any way, This comment is my 3rd attempt..Seem like it's my turn..MOL...Today, I have a problem to access my account. but I think all good now, let's see when I press the button ; )

  18. We're sorry your grandma is not well, Austin. We'll purr for her. And we're sorry to hear you still gots toof problems. e hope all goes well next time.

    The mom uses her iPad to help us visit our furiends, and she knows what you're talking about. It's frustrating leaving comments on some blogs but we make her do it anyways. Haha!!

  19. Sounds like purrs and hugs all around. Hope everyone is better soon!!

  20. Austin, My buddy, my Pal! Sounds like it's time for a trip to the local pub for a brewski--you don't need teefs for that!

    I am sorry your Human grandma is not well. We will purr for her.

  21. Austin darl,
    Healing purrrss for your grandma and you. May you be healed soon. Give the Catmandon't a taste of his own medicine, so to speak. purrrr....meow!

  22. Austin, we are so sorry your Grandma isn't doing so well. We will keep her in our thoughts. And that's too bad you have to go back to the vet, yuck! Take care!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  23. hoping your Grandma is feeling better soon....we also hope that our blog isn't one that is causing you problems.
    We are thinking of you and are sending much love!
    We also are sorry to hear that you have to have another consult on your teeth ((((hugs))))

  24. Oh, I love the newsprint cologne, too! My humans don't leave the paper lying around enough for my way of thinking!
    Love, Moses the Studio Cat
    Austin, please tell your staff that we are praying for grandma to feel better, and for the staff to have strength for nursing duties! Love, Snoodles

  25. Austin - we are sorry Grandma is not feeling well and we send warm wishes to her. On the bright side, as you said, it is nice that you get to see your Uncle and get some extra loving and attention!!

    Hope all goes well at the vet -what a bummer....

    Purrs from the Zee/Zoey gang

  26. I did not know newspaper was a scent! Personally, I rub ALL over the DadKatt's just-taken-off clothing to get MY scent all over IT! My scent is far superior.

    Nice to see you again, handsome! I hope you have a super day!

    And we're sending purrs for your vet visit & your hooman grandmother. XOXO


  27. Glad you have a bloke in the house, but we do hope your grandmama is well soon. We'll see about comments on our site though I'm not sure a separate box is an option. But your appointment with doom...

  28. Why do these vets take such delight in torturing us so - stealing our teeth seems to be their favourite.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  29. fishes ta yur gram...famillee furst sew stop bye when ya can...manee purrayers ta her

    also, mewz print iz de best smell.. spesh a lee if ya can roll in de section bout whats at de grocery store !!!

    hugs ta all frum de land oh trout !

  30. I am so sorry to hear you are still hvaing trouble. Both of you. Keep you in my thoughts and heart. Paula

  31. Hey Austin!! So happy to see you...doin' my happy paw pat dance right now! Sorry 'bout Grandma, hope she feels better. And those toofie problems are pawful, so hope you get a good bill of healthy toofs soon.

    Comments: I cannot leave a comment on the blogs that require me to click, if WP, Google etc, them input my blog, then click continue, then click publish. My iPad DOES NOT allow that, freezes at the Continue I don't leave comments on any blog that does that. Blogspot seems to be the iPad nemesis paw hugs, Savvy

  32. We hope your Gma feels better really soon (and you too Austin).

    We also has more problems leaving comments when we are on our iPad (Mom is on the laptop right now) so that is sporadic for her.

    I do agree with Savvy iPads seem to be very disagreeable with blogspot.

  33. We are all sending purrs to you Grandma. I sure hope your toothy problem gets all better soon!

  34. Hey Austin! Just dropping round to say hello again and welcome back. I have missed you Buddy! How's that other boycat doin'?

  35. Nothing much in the paper here either today :)
    Sending (((purrs))) to your Grandma and hope your toothie problems will go away NOW !!

  36. Glad to hear you are alright and back. We dropped you some mail. LOL. Just so you can be spared in reading a very very long comment from us.


    Your Female Blokie from the Philippines

  37. I hope you can get to Catmandou and the vet won't find you! If you do succeed, can you try and find a way to let us know how we should do to go there too?

  38. Sorry to hear about your tooth problems. Hugs to you xxx

  39. Hey Austin, Jet here.

    Please give your Grandma Jetty kisses and JJ hugs of healing for us.

    Glad you have some manly man company. I miss that sometimes, too!

    So sorry about your dental issue, I still have my tail issue, which really stinks.

  40. I want both of you to feel better soon. You have been missed!

  41. We missed you! We're sorry about Grandma, and hope she feels better soon. We also hope you can get your toothie problem cleared up this time.

  42. so sorry to hear about your Grandma. That can't be easy, but you are blessed to have all that extra attention from your uncle! :)

    sorry too to hear your procedure didn't help as much as you would have liked. paws crossed that what ever comes next does the trick.

    many purrs that you all will be a little less preoccupied in the near future, I know how hard that can be on a soul.

  43. Hi Austin! Thanks for coming to visit us. We are sorry to hear you are having toothy problems and hope it can be sorted without to much pain to you (or your mum's purse).
    We hope your Grandma is feeling better.
    Which part of Devon did your Human once live? We live on a farm to the north of Plymouth almost on the edge of Dartmoor.

  44. I myself do not have an uncle. I have a cousin who's old enough to be The Queen's Uncle, but I call him an Introodur and I do not like him. I am glad he does not stay here for long periods. I mean, it's bad enough that the Human wants to live here all the time but she opens the cans.

  45. Mr. Poo
    This is Code Pink from Mr. Poot
    Your blog just won the lucky 9 ! My mom will do the graphic for your next special event. Please see the detail on my blog.


  46. Dentists just can't be trusted! *sigh*

  47. Oh Austin sorry to hear about your human grandmother. sending prayers and purrs your way. But glad you have a silver lining with your uncle to do bloke stuff.

    Yes spamsters are on the rise. What's a famous cat to do? You're smart and we'll follow your lead!


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