Monday 6 February 2012

Austin pings his pong!

"Excuse me Austin, what are you looking for?"
Don’t interrupt me now!
 I suppose it could be up here?
...or down here?
 ...or up there?
 …or back there?
...waaayyyyy back….
… what’s over there?
 Hey! I’ve found that dead mouse from 2 years ago!!!

There you are!!!
 Where have you been???
You went off without saying a word. 
I was really worried about you! fact I am so upset...
…I can hardly bear to look at you!
I’m sorry Ping, it’s not you, it’s me.
I need some time, ok?


  1. Anything with a Ping in it I'm so there Austin!

    Ping purrs

  2. Austin plays ping pong with the ping?

  3. Austin, you really intrigue me and you have such a way about you that I am even more intrigued than I was. xoxox

  4. typical man! Looks all over for something, finds it, then doesn't want it!

  5. HAHA! Caren's comment is hilarious! Glogirly says it's not only typical for a man, but typical for a CAT. I don't think I like her tone.
    ; ) Katie

  6. Well, Ping won't be leaving again anytime soon.

  7. Marilia, exactly x

    Abby, thought you might be :)

    Paula, it's complicated!

    Katie Isabella, a mancat likes to be mysterious!

    Caren and Cody, tell me about it!

    Glogirly and Katie, it's a tough old life, ain't it!!

    Tucker, Ping is divorcing Austin on the grounds of unreconcileable differences!

    island Cats, don't count on it

    Meg, thanks :)

  8. *MOL*
    Me and mom just LOVED this post Austin <3 <3 <3

  9. Oh my gosh, a rare break up with footage successfully filmed by the well-known biologist Carolyn of the wild.

    You see, ping pong balls will never be as awesome as tennis balls!

    Huggies and Cheese,


  10. I thought you tried to switch on the heater ! and not looking for a lost toy, lol ! I am heating obsessed and my cats too ! We have - 10°C today ! and during the nights it's even worse !
    In the Ardennes they go down to - 20 °C quiet unusual for Belgium !

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  12. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the HedgeTuesday, February 07, 2012 6:04:00 pm

    You just have to watch those rebound relationships.

  13. Ping pong balls are the greatest cat toy. I've found that the only way to avoid losing them is to watch while they play, and then put them up. But finding one in my shoe would be very funny.

  14. Oh Austin, you are such a funny boy and one very smart boy looking for Ping. You better keep track of Ping now. Too funny. Oh COD, Mom is sitting her laughing out loud. Take care.

  15. Great found Mr. Poo ; ) and then you just ignore ....well I guess you have something very impawtant come up ; )

  16. Austin buddy, I don't blame you for being a bit pinged at the pong! I mean the nerve of it to be missing so long! (We just realized that we would probably find it a brilliant toy, we've never had one before.)

  17. Austin,
    Have you tried pinging in the bath tub? I have this red golf ball that bounces and great for that ping pong moment in the bath tub. har har har *evil laughs*


  18. What a persistent boy you are Austin! I don't blame you for walking off in a huff either... 2 years is a long time! For a cat, that is 14 years!!

  19. I want to read your responses so I can respond to them. We need teamwork here, people.

    Lol. Have a good day Austin and Carolyn.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  20. Wow, even with aromatic extras, can you say amBIValent? That is some serious hurt feelings! I guess 14 years really is too long to sustain the feelings of warmth and connection necessary for a truly committed relationship.

  21. Betrayal like that is hard to handle!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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