Monday 2 August 2010

A Work of Art!

I have a wonderful view from my window of mountains, water, fields and trees - not to mention the City of Bangor (well best not!) - and in the field right opposite there are the sheep of course. 

Ok, yes, I've mentioned Blackie and her extended family a few times, but today I saw a work of art being created before my eyes.  The farmer came with his sheepdog. This, in itself, is not an unusual occurrence, but as I watched the two of them working together as one, a picture began to form and it became something akin to an artistic performance. The ebb and flow of the sheep as they were undulated across the field like the fluctuating movement of the tide on the shore. They were totally at peace as the beautiful dog calmly but energetically did the farmer's bidding.  Backwards and forwards she ran making sure not one sheep escaped or was allowed to do its own thing apart from the group.

The dog was asked to do a variety of tasks including sitting with the sheep penned in a corner for about 20 minutes, while the farmer decided which to take and which to leave.  When the whole thing was over, the farmer whistled and the dog went to him.  And the sheep?  Well they just went back to munching their lunch totally unconcerned, unfazed and untraumatised - even though half their number were now missing and had no doubt gone to Llangefni abattoir for recycling (ok, not thinking, not thinking!).  The sheep are probably both very stupid and very trusting.  "All we like sheep ...... ......."


  1. That first picture is awesome, sure would like to be right now relaxing.

  2. Thanks Sandy. It was a lovely day. Photos don't generally do it justice.


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