Friday, 2 October 2009

Cat flap update

Door's still open and cat flap's closed!  I mean it's not exactly rocket science; all he has to do is bang his head up against it and it opens for goodness sake!  Meanwhile I'm making myself an object of ridicule and pokey finger fun with the neighbours as I try to demonstrate how easy it is.  Well it would be easy if I my head wasn't bigger than the flap. 

"This is how you do it Austin"

I mutter as I creak painfully down on my knees and press my nose against the glass, my rear end momentarily eclipsing the mountain vista and darkening the sky over the Great Orme. He just blinks and looks away, embarrassed. 

"She's absolutely nothing to do with me". 

We both retreat to have a ponder, me with a cup of coffee, he with an all over body wash and general spruce up - have you noticed how cats always resort to cleaning themselves when they are at a disadvantage, embarrassed or want to express disinterest or indifference?  It's the cat equivalent of "WhatEvor" and it's a terrible thing. In fact I would go so far as saying that you've never known real rejection until you've been ignored by a cat. 

While Austin, with his back to me, studiedly continues with his lick-lick-wipe routine, I spot Tigger emerging from the bushes. He runs up to the summerhouse and sniffs intently around the flap.  Hmmmmm?  It appears he's a glue sniffer as well as a schnorrer!  Maybe, just maybe, this will be enough to induce him to go through?  But no, not on your nelly.  Having had his fix he went to the door and leaned up against it. Turning back he looks at me as if to say

"In your own time, but I need my kip, like .... errr ... now!"


  1. Another amazingly funny one. Well done girl. Enjoyed the rejection bit (so true) and the eclipse LOL snort.


    LUV Bruvver. x

  2. Did you know it was me who was responsible for the last total eclipse of Bangor mountain ? lol


    Eclipse. LAWL! You're a bit hard on yourself.

    Loved the photo, insane!


  4. Loved this! YOu have a great sense of humor! Sometimes the truth is funnier than fiction!

  5. Do you have the cat flap under control yet, Carolyn?

  6. Well, the cat flap's flapping, but only in the wind! lol. I need to spend some quality time out there with the "boys" :>)


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