Friday 6 June 2008

Double the trouble!

It's been a few weeks since I've updated this blog, but it's not been uneventful for Austin and his mate. They're joined at the hip these two and if the tabby disappears without giving notice then we have a very grumpy little cat on our hands! We don't think he is a stray, as he seems well fed and smartly turned out. We have to be careful though as their relationship is based on that blokie male bonding thing - you know, they slap each other on the back alot, tell dirty jokes and laugh loudly and rather inappropriately!

It is very difficult keeping one in and the other out, so we've had a few near misses with great auntie Amelia's vase. Also, when doing the final night time call-in, I can never be sure which one is going to turn up. I opened the door the other night and called for Austin, turned away to pull the blinds, only to turn back to see the tabby eating the food and Austin nowhere! I've sat them both down and given them the bottom line with regard to who lives where (Austin here, Tabby not) and Austin said "yeah ok" and then proceeded to put in a request for a sleepover as "all the others were doing it"! It breaks my heart to say no, but have had to firm my resolve as the thought of those two let loose ..... well the words "thundering" and "wildebeest" frequently come to mind.

I don't think Tigger the tabby has too much quality time with humans as he doesn't interact too well with us. Whereas Austin has to tell me all about his day in great detail, Tigger is the strong silent type and keeps his cards close to his chest. Anyway I think if we encouraged him he would stay and quite quickly the two of them would take over the house completely and we'll have no option but to move out into the summerhouse!

The upside to all of this is we've not seen sight nor sound of a ginger cat for weeks!

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