Saturday 9 April 2016

Creating an Impression!

 Our submission for Caturday Art
Is not in the style of Descartes!
He wasn't a painter
Or decorator!
But he thought he was! Silly old f*rt!

I am told by TAT aka Staff that the effect was achieved by using the infrared option in Ribbet and the frame added in PicMonkey. I hear you can get magic mushrooms on prescription now! 

Here is the original rather boring pic!

Breaking News! We have been featured this week by Dash Kitten blog as part of the Worldwide Pet bloggers initiative. Our interview can be seen here! Thank you to Miranda Kitten for being so hospitable and for laughing politely in all the right places! ;-)

Today is also a special day in the blogosphere! It is Marg's birthday. She is a great animal advocate and friend to all. Please pop over and wish her a super day! :-)

Graphic designed by Ann of Zoolatry

We are joining Athena and Marie in this week's Caturday Art blog hop


  1. Wow.....that's amazing!! We don't think any photo of you could ever be called BORING!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. You are even more cool than usual, Austin. Psychedelic!
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  3. Yup, Austin, your Mom did good with that art. You do look very artsy. And thanks for the birthday wishes for our old old old lady.

  4. You do look pretty wild & fancy today Austin!

  5. Spruced all up indeed there at your colorful feed

  6. Prof. Austin you have a lot of show and teach today!!
    I'm loving those red hot paws
    Hugs madi your devoted student

  7. You are looking extremely handsome with your red bib and paws! I will go post haste and see your interview.

  8. Austin, we are totally impressed with this art. It appears as if you are wearing your heart outside your body atop your furs! The art really gave some life to a so-so photo. Hope you are going to join us for selfies tomorrow. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. That's a great effect on your photo.

  10. ConCats Austin. And we don't think you ever have boring fotos. We think yous always handsum.

    Luv ya'


  11. A pic of Austin boring? I don't think so. I usually don't like filters like that but your's came out gorgeous!!

  12. You are quite the celebrity, I read your interview and loved it. Great art too.

  13. Whoa! That was bright! I loved your interview, BTW, Austin!

  14. Wow, I wasn't sure if I was having a flashback! Very clever, and nice interview too.

  15. Austn, you loook SO amazing. Staff has done so well. Thank you for the mention, you made it so easy to feature you and Staff!

  16. OOOH, totally psychedelic, Austin! Groovy!

    We loved your interview, by the way. :)


  17. Austin --- Mommy LOVES the picture of yous...and now that mes thinks about it, Psilocybin Mushrooms grows ALL OVER the place here, they LOVES to grows where Mommy goes for walks...She eats LOTS of Mushrooms...
    Purrhaps THEY is the reason why Mommy is the way she is...
    That would explain A LOT!
    Me loved the interviews of yous, yous truly is international!
    Kisses Dear Heart
    Your Nellie Bellie

  18. We saw your special guest appearance! Appaws! Appaws!

  19. Hello Mr. Austin! I like the 70's kinda feel of this selfie! I enjoyed your interview on Dash Kitten! Hang in there with me Austin, I am having laptop/puter issues. I am about ready to chuck the laptop out the window!

  20. Your mum was quite clever with this photo, Austin. We do feel as though we've had a bit of those magic mushrooms. :)

    We're off to read your interview now!

  21. Mee-yow that sigh-co-delick foto hertss mee eyess Unccle Austin....iss kewl butt mee likes yur original foto better ;)
    An maybee keep Lady Caro away frum thee 'shroomss ok? ;)
    ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  22. Wow Austin, you really look like a groovy Psycha-delic Cat!

  23. That is a fancatastic picture of you, Austin.
    And the limerick was pretty clever too (mol).

  24. Love the art! Heading over to read your interview right now!!!!


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