Friday 7 October 2011

Caught on camera!

The first I knew of it was when I heard Austin meowing, no... yowling, outside. I grabbed my camera:

 Is she looking?

What's that you've got?

Uh oh! I might just make it past without her noticing!

Maybe not!

 See what I brought you! ›^.ꞈ.^

It was at this point I realised what he had in his mouth .... and it was still alive! Dropped camera, dropped everything and rushed outside dressed only in embarrassment, screaming like a banshee. I scared my mother at the other end of the house, the sheep in the field opposite and the unsuspecting neighbour who happened to be walking by with his dog. I must have scared Austin too, as he disappeared, but I am hoping that it gave the little blue tit enough time to make his escape. I think (hope) it might have, as Austin was very disgruntled when he returned shortly afterwards. The next day, sadly, the offering was already deceased! 

This has happened too many times, but I still react that way (well maybe not always quite so loudly!) He's a hunter; he goes outside. It's to be expected.

I started this blog as a conduit for my humourous, slightly skewy outlook on life and it just so happened that Austin, my streetwise characterful tuxie usually is the focus of my musings. Of course this has its upside and its downside. Upside because he never ceases to amuse as my muse, and downside because he is, as you can see, a convicted killer.

I have said before that he looks upon me as his mother, of that there is no doubt.  He is friendly to most visitors, but it is to me he comes with all his little problems, worries and moans. It is on my lap and my lap alone he climbs when he wants comfort and cuddles, even though he will not be picked up against his will without scratchy/bitey repercussions. 

Austin brings me his little offerings either because he thinks I'm rubbish at hunting and wants to convey that going to Tesco is a cop out, or because he wants to give me a gift. Either way I should not confuse him by shouting at him when he brings me whatever it is he's hunted and caught himself! It's a great compliment.


  1. Austin must be thinking: "There's no satisfying that woman. Maybe she wants a bigger offering." Therefore the hunter will keep on bringing home those offerings. I would do the same if Mama lets me out. purrr...meow!

  2. So, teaching him to hunt for chocolate didn't quite wok out then?

    Incidents like this just emphasize what many people forget: no matter how fluffy, cute and playful your pet can be, they're still animals inside and out. Of course, its a shame that their instincts can be so brutal at times :(

    But, I guess its sweet that he wants to bring you gifts. In his own twisted way he thinks he's going something good. At least he brings you gifts. My friend's cat is far more greedy :P

  3. At least it was only a bird...we have been gifted with not one, but TWO rattlesnakes! Alive. How they do it is a mystery to me...

  4. And thus mom swears we will not go outside....she doesn't want to find parts in the am. :)

  5. Angelina, you are probably right. He's trying to appease me!!!

    Sarah Chocolate is on the list, just way down!

    Rattlesnakes! we don't have those, but I expect he would try.

    Random Felines, very wise mom :)

  6. our mama understands your "reaction". she does the same thing when buster gets out of the house accidentally (2x).

    Emma and Buster

  7. Mommy won't let ME out of the house ever BUT the one who was here before me was indoor-outdoor and a VERY mighty 6 pound huntress. She was a tortie, a shorthaired one but mostly black and so in the evening before she came in for the night (she was not allowed to stay out at night ever) she, being black against the night when she knocked (yes, she did) on the window or door to come many times we stipidly opened the door for her only to have her trot in with snakes, mice, baby rabbits, chipmunks, moles, birds, almost always alive and almost always needing to be captured by US as they were fleeing about the house. It took YEARS for us to quit allowing her in before shining a flash light on her first!

  8. It is a natural reaction. One day my door was open and I was on the computer and I saw a cat doing something on the kitchen floor and looked over and it was a bird still alive. I jumped up and scared the cat away from the bird and got it outside and I think it flew off. I don't blame you for screaming. Too funny scaring everyone for miles around. Take care.

  9. Sorry, Austin I'm so late here, Mom had a stomach ache yesterday.

    Austin ! Austin ! I know your mom is upset ! My mom feel that too when I do it, But my one with da birdy ! cause there was no rats around here, My area, most of human have cats.

    It's sad for human, but sadly, we are cats, we hunt ! and Yep ! all of the times , they are still alive in our mouth ! which is horror for human ! and Human can't do anything about it !

    You saw the birdy in my video. I used to catch one of them. but I couldn't have it in my mouth because it's too big. Mom saw it, First she though the birdy dead ( she came home and dad told her I catch it ), but the birdy wasn't dead when mom tried to take a photo, the birdy fly away. We did hope birdy is survive because I just play.

    I didn't do it everyday even I go out everyday. Since I live with mom. she only saw it twice ! But mom and dad thought I only do it when birdy come to close by stupid reason.

    Like first time, I was in the bush and the birdy come to eat some bug near my bush about 1 feet away ( Mom notice from evidence ( birdy feather on the grass ), she didn't see it )

    Second time, when the birdy come to my fountain ( Like the one you saw in the video ) Mom used to sit next to me so close to the fountain ( about 3 feet away ) and the big birdy just fly down to have a bath in the fountain , the birdy didn't got scared at us so mom thought that was happened when I attacked him.

    For me, Some birdy is too silly to come so close to me, I'm a cat so I think they wanna play with me. So I do it !

    But in general, Lots of kitty will give whatever we hunted to mommy as a present. But Me I never given to my mom, I gave to my neighbour human. Mom don't know why but she said she prefer this way because she will scream if I did to her.

    I think Austin did it, just to say " thank you to you to look after him so well "

    Hugs to you.
    We cats may be evil sometime, but we do luv you.

  10. Well it's really great to have all your stories :)

    Emma and Buster, does your mom scream in tune? xx

    Admiral I can understand why your mom doesn't let your out EVER! If you are like your predecessor she would have a heart attack everyday!! xx

    Marg, yep, screaming is not neighbourly. Tends to bring the worst out in people lol

    Mr P, I think you're right Austin is just playing. He's a tease but we know you love us ♥ Why do you give to neighbour? You just contrary cat xox Oh and I do hope your mom is better today? Hope it wasn't you that gave her tummyache :( xox

    Thanks for dropping by with your comments. It makes my day .... and Austin's, but he's a bit shy about saying >^,.^<

  11. Sorry peeps, I'm rooting for Austin here! He can't fly, and he got caught up in a car engine as a wee babby, and limped around for ages, and wasn't his proper self even when his pet Caro (teehee!) picked him up with me.

    To go from that to catching a flighty beast that by all means should be in good health, seems like a grand achievement!

    We hoomens only quibble about feline domination over their blue-titted prey because the prey is smaller and 'cuter'.

    To that then, I say: Come on son!

    -Mr Controversial ;-)

    (Epic blog post!)

  12. OMC!!! The only one who approves is Odin who says, "Well done, my friend. May I sit at your feet oh fearless hunter so I may learn."

  13. The cat kids here get to go outside only on harnesses or in the cat porch, but they are quite adept at lizard catching. I am quite adept at prying their little jaws open to set the poor lizards free. Sometimes before their demise. Sometimes, sadly not.

  14. (Glaring at M) I is missing a whole lot of fun by not being allowed outside.

  15. David, you are right. He is supposed to be disabled!!! It's a great achievement that he's even walking let alone hunting xx

    Odin, I think you flatter me. Regards Austin >^,.^<

    Tucker, Austin says "what's a lizard?"

    Mario, Austin says it ain't all it's cracked up to be. Can be quite exhausting. Take it easy, mate!

  16. I love the photo of Austin trying to sneak away. You are lucky to have someone so able looking after you! What would become of you if not for him???

  17. Suffice to it say, I am not a big fan of Austin's stellar hunting skills, but I do respect the fact he is a cat, and that is what cats do. If we care to get philosophical, us humans have been far more brutal from the beginning of time for reasons that are beyond comprehension.

    You can only do as you do Caro, thank the dear boy for the gift he has brought you and be happy for the love the two of you share!

    As you know, my sweet Zee likes to bring us stuffed animals each night - the other night was an actual dead lizard in the mix... his love knows no bounds!!

  18. I do think that your bean is a little bit unthankful , Austin !
    I mean standing and yell at you for catching a mousie ??
    My mom would jump up and down of joy if I maneged to catch one of the little bastards that are running around in the walls here at home :)

  19. It is certainly one of those barriers in communication that we animals face with humans.

    Just remember that there are stray cats that come by here when they're a bit on the skinny side; they know Jen will feed them. Yet none of them leave gifts of thanks.

    So put that in perspective next time one is left for you. It is of great value.... even if to you it looks like a waste of life.

  20. Austin, Living with a Banshee isnt that easy, sorry for your hard life! Mizz Zoe turned into the domesticated sweet pet when entering the house and transformed to her natural behaviour when leaving the house. She did leave her gifts at the door step though. I always praised her little gifts... circle of life and nature. There is no Banshee in a cat's circle. LOL
    The two of you are just so hilarious

  21. Angie, I dread to think!

    Deb, the gifts are a token of affection in a cat sort of way. Heaven's do you get lizards in the house??

    Kjelle, Oh I used to have mice in the walls. It's very spooky at night! Our neighbour had a rat in their loft once, so they put their cat up there over night. In the morning there was one dead rat and one smug cat!

    Rumpy, the lesson is learnt :)

    Paula, Mizz Zoe knows how to play the game lol. We've stopped doing banshee impressions now :)

  22. We only wish we had the opportunity to go outside so we could bring our mom some special gifts like that!!

  23. island cats, I'm sure your mom would appreciate it ;)

  24. Aww, I know it is considered a great compliment when they bring you these "gifts," but it is hard not to react the way you did. My cat now does not go outside, but he still brings me toy mice which always makes me laugh. I can deal with the toys much better than I could the real thing!

    I cracked up about Austin thinking you are rubbish at hunting LOL LOL. :D

  25. Austin and any other manly mancats...teleport over and join my other mancats. teehee.

  26. Wow, there's always lots of action at your house! Austin you are a mighty hunter for sure! (Hmm, I wonder what's going on at Admiral's?)

  27. Austin, one of our brothers, whose spirit still lurks around corners and swats us, used to kill things in the back yard even though he only went out for a few minutes a day. Now we enjoy our guest mice in the basement.

  28. Maybe Austin was going to surprise you with "the gift" for a special day. Like your b-day.

  29. Some experts say when cats bring you prey...they are trying to teach you how to hunt, as they would their kittens...I tend to believe that!


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