Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Extreme sleeping!

You have to laugh; well HE makes ME laugh. Austin is such a messy sleeper. Though he is technically a short haired moggie, he is actually a bit longer than short, if you get my drift! So that, coupled with a tendency to be rather intense when sleeping, makes his place of repose a place of discompose!

I only mention this because Tigger is exactly the opposite. He eats like a starving peasant, but sleeps the sleep of the dead. He sheds nary a scintilla
of fur, claw or dead insect and he leaves the place neat and tidy when he's done. Austin, who gives a whole new meaning to the word "dainty" when it comes to eating, sleeps like he's going 15 rounds with Mike Tyson. Whether it's on his blanket in the conservatory, on the back of the overstuffed armchair, or on my lap, he tosses and turns, twitches and jumps, grunts and groans until the place is a tip; it's particularly noticeable when he's been doing this on my lap!

The shiatsu technique (I have mentioned before) is only the beginning. Once he's finished preparing
the ground, he burrows deep, deep down and wedges himself securely, head in one of my hands and bum in the other. He then proceeds to run the whole gamut of sleep disorders, from talking and snoring to apnoea and night terrors until his "bed" begins to resemble an earthquake zone. When he wakes up (or is woken up!) he rises, stretches, yawns, looks at me calmly and jumps down, emitting a short mew of thanks and proceeds to go about his business.

Meanwhile I am left dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Austin; a state of emergency is declared around
the area of my lap and disaster recovery ensues. The clear up operation can take a while and generally involves a brush, wet wipes and TCP. I just love that cat :>)

I also love this
cartoon ;)


  1. Love your blog, your cats, and the cartoon!!! I was smiling the whole time I was reading your post...


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