Monday 20 July 2009

Adjustment period!

So, moving on ...... I can't really believe it but it's getting on for two years since Austin DaKool came into my life! And as it had been quite a while since my last incarceration with a member of the feline fraternity, I had quite a bit to relearn. Like, for instance:-

"It's ALL About ME ....."

..... as proved by the soodoe (sorry can't spell pseudo) lovey-dovey, furry-purry, arched-back, head-on-one-side, huge-eyed oscar winning performance he puts on when he thinks he's not getting enough (all) of my attention. You can see the cogs turning:

"Ok, she likes that stupid thing I do with my head nestling in her hand and that adoring look I do with my gorgeous eyes and I really want some of her salmon salad (hold the salad): so here goes ... ... . "

So I give him a pinhead morsel which he eats with great gusto and relish and much masticating of the jaw (is that tautologous? Don't care really, just wanted to use the word :). Then he proceeds to give himself an all over wash and spruce up so he's ready for the next pinhead morsel .... ? What's that all about? He got OCD or something? And then there's the "everything's your fault" look he gives when it's raining and he doesn't want to use the litter tray and the outside loo is ... well ..... outside! He takes me on the ritual tour of all the doors and windows, just to make sure; and I traipse round after him feeling like Cruella de Vil when it transpires it's precipitating outside all of them.

I've also learnt that cats can hold grudges; well, at least this cat does. Oh yes! It was just the once I forgot that the 5 ton conservatory door is on the tilt and tends to slam shut if not wedged open with the Carmen the Cow doorstop. Unfortunately, Carmen was elsewhere when I opened the door on this one occasion and turned away just for a second! Austin saw me, made for the opening and caught the full effect of the triple glazed iron and steel frame on his little 10lb bod as he was hurled several feet into the brachyglottis greyi - I should add that it wasn't in flower at the time and there were one or two pointy its! I was mortified and envisaged being on the RSPCA blacklist for ... like ... forever :<(

He managed to drag himself out and it was quickly determined that no real damage was done - except of course to his dignity. However, since then whenever he wants to come in and I go anywhere near the door, he's off like a cat out of hell and I have to go and retrieve him moaning and complaining from behind the neighbour's BBQ. It doesn't matter how much I apologise and ingratiate myself, I know I will be paying for that one through all eternity. So, I'm not absolutely sure how long the adjustment period is supposed to be, but I fear we still have a way to go!



    Hilarious post :)

    "(sorry can't spell pseudo)" Oxymoron alert!... something like that anyway!

    Good picture of Austin coming out of the flower bed, it works well.

    I still can't get over the photo of his tail in the main frame, and the rest of him... nowhere. It's probably the greatest most random cat photo xD


  2. got plenty of random tails lol

    (hope you are feeling better? xx)


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