Monday, 5 May 2008

Breaking News ...... !!!

Austin has got a buddy! In his ongoing war against the Ginge gang, Austin has recruited successfully from within the Tabby Tribe. We are highly delighted with this development and, of course, will keep you posted as events unfold.

An added bonus is that Austin has now found someone else to play tag with and thus leaves his poor pierced human to tend her many wounds.
Am wondering though whether feeding and cuddling was actually included in the original contract, or if young “Tigger" is taking shameless advantage??!!



    I think you should nickname him Hiawatha! The tabby-tribe thing, plus the awesome markings on his back kinda make him look like a hena dyed indian warrior!

    Those photos are fantastic! I took some today, I will bestow them upon my blog in a few moments so you may cast your critical glance upon them :)

    Love you lots


  2. LOL I've already called him "humbug", Bug for short!! Hiawossit's a bit of a mouthful. Anyway not seen him today as ...... TOBY is back grrrrrr! Austin is lying very low in the bushes. Will catch your blogging tomorrow

    luvyatoo XXX

  3. I've just finished my blog for tonight. It's up now!

    Sorry it's so late ^^


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